About Me

Thanks for stopping by!  What can I say about myself?  I love photography.  LOVE IT.  I’ve had an interest in photography since high school (which was many, many moons ago).  It became more of a hobby after I met my husband and received my first hand-me-down SLR (film) camera from my father-in-law.  I used it to take lots of action shots of my husband and his friends in their various extreme sports.  Like many other moms, though, my interest grew exponentially when my daughter was born in 2005 and I switched from a mostly sport and landscape photographer to a portrait photographer.  By that point I had graduated to a DSLR and was shooting all digital.  I searched the web trying to learn all I could about digital portrait photography and have grown over the years to the photographer I am now.


Some random facts about me:

  • I’m an avid snow skier, but I don’t get out as much as I wish I could.
  • I also love to play tennis, but don’t play nearly enough.
  • My husband and I moved from Georgia to our beautiful state of Washington before we got married because we wanted to live out west.  Neither of us had ever been to the state of WA before we drove up in our moving truck.  We were young and crazy.
  • I recently went back to school and received my teaching degree earlier this year (2013).
  • I have two miniature Dachshunds, Oscar and Rosie.  My older one, Oscar, is 15 and is mostly deaf and can’t see well anymore, but he’s still quite lively.
  • I love the color yellow, because it seems like such a happy color.
  • Two of my bucket list goals are polar opposites: I’d love to ski in Chile and I’d love to lay on the beach in Tahiti (or Fiji, or anywhere else in the South Pacific).


Some techie details:

  • I shoot with a Nikon D700.
  • I mostly use a Nikon 50mm 1.4G lens but have also been known to shoot with my Nikon 85mm 1.8G lens.
  • I do some newborn macro shots with my Nikon 60mm 2.8 micro lens.


My contact information is listed to the right but feel free to drop me a line at info@giggleandclick.com or 253-234-7116 if you have questions or would like to book a session.  I look forward to hearing from you!