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I had so much fun with this family!  They had some great ideas and were up for anything.  I had such a hard time narrowing down their photos at the end that they ended up with a ton to choose from.  It was impossible to narrow down to a decent amount for this post so I’m doing it collage style.  Enjoy!

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Welcome to my redesigned website!  I hope you like it, because I am super happy with it!  It’s much easier for me to edit and the blog is now in the same place as the main part of the website.  Hooray!  When I initially started setting this up I planned on importing all of my old blog posts so it would look like my blog had lots of good content.  However, I think I’m going to take this chance to start over and try to post on a somewhat consistent basis (which we all know I’m not very good at).  Over time I will post some of my favorite sessions from the past so that those images can find their way back to the blog.

With that said, here are a few photos from one of my favorite sessions in the past couple of years.  Little Miss C adores her big brother and takes every opportunity to love on him.  She wasn’t the least bit camera shy and ran up to me and gave me a big hug the second I walked into her home.  This is one family I will never forget!



Filled Under : Children , Siblings